Qualcomm to make a $2.5B bet on Bluetooth with CSR buy


Qualcomm will buy one of the most venerable British technology companies, the chip design firm CSR, once known as Cambridge Silicon Radio.

[company]CSR[/company] was one of the pioneers in Bluetooth technology, and these days – having sold off its mobile business to Samsung a couple years back – it is again concentrating on the technology, in particular Bluetooth LE/Smart, the low-power variant designed for connecting internet of things devices.

The company recently rejected a takeover bid, rumored to be worth as much as $3 billion, from U.S. firm Microchip, on the basis that the price was insufficient. [company]Qualcomm[/company] said late Tuesday that it will pay around $2.5 billion for CSR, so perhaps those rumors were somewhat overenthusiastic.

Qualcomm said the buy will give it more “products, channels and customers” in the internet of things — an area where it is already intensely active — and in automotive infotainment, another…

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Galaxy Note 4 review: Samsung’s pen-equipped flagship sports new aluminum construction


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 comes out this Friday. It’s the fourth generation of the phone that first defined the “phablet” — the trend of phones with big screens that seems to have eaten the smartphone market.

But it’s not just screen size that defines the Galaxy Note, it’s also the S Pen: A stylus and software combo that is now more mature than those offered by any other mobile device maker. I’ve been using the Note 4 for the past week, and it’s a very nice phone, easily one of the most polished and powerful available. But now that almost all smartphones have caught up to the big screen, does the Note have enough to stand out anymore?

Hardware: The new aluminum construction is great

Let’s face it: The Galaxy Note 4 is large. It’s about the same size as its predecessor, which means it’s a little over 6…

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Home for Sale -Berkshire Forest Community, Myrtle Beach SC

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The History of “Scientist”

History is an important factor to GROW in today’s society. The more you expand your knowledge of where we have been, the more room we create for avoiding mistakes or following in the footsteps that were destined for success. We strive daily to put the important things in life before all else and remain loyal to ourselves, our beliefs, and everyone who puts their trust into us. We would love the opportunity to walk beside you through the single largest investment of a lifetime; Buying a HOME where the walls will eventually hold the most precious of your memories. Call us today 843-449-3948 or visit http://www.myrtlebeachhomesearches.com -Paige Canady (Wise Realtors CC)

The Renaissance Mathematicus

Today is a red-letter day for readers of The Renaissance Mathematicus; I have succeeded in cajoling, seducing, bullying, bribing, inducing, tempting, luring, sweet-talking, coaxing, coercing, enticing, beguiling[1] Harvard University’s very own Dr Melinda Baldwin into writing a guest post on the history of the term scientist, in particular its very rocky path to acceptance by the scientific community. First coined by William Whewell at the third annual meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 1833 in response to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s strongly expressed objection to men of science using the term philosopher to describe themselves, the term experienced a very turbulent existence before its final grudging acceptance almost one hundred years later. In her excellent post Melinda outlines that turbulent path to acceptance, read and enjoy.

J.T. Carrington, editor of the popular science magazine Science-Gossip, achieved a remarkable feat in December of 1894: he found a…

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Hangouts now work without Google+ account, Apps users get 15-person video chat

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Google (S GOOG) really wants businesses to use its Hangouts video chat, and new changes make it easier for companies to actually do so: Hangouts can now be accessed with any Google account, even if the user doesn’t have a Google+ profile, and Google Apps customers can now chat with up to 14 other people in HD.

Moving away from requiring Google+ profiles for Hangouts will undoubtedly spur further speculations about the future of Google’s social network, but the move also addresses a real problem: Many Google users only have a Google+ profile for their personal account, but not for their work email — or if they have both, they’re likely just going to use one of them. Tying Hangouts to Google+ profiles not only complicated Hangouts usage, but actually also Google+ itself.

The 15-person upgrade could further help companies that have slightly bigger teams to give Hangouts a try…

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Profit or Loss??

Wise Realtors of Myrtle Beach


Everyone here on this beautiful Earth is ultimately striving for the same thing; Profit. Being deemed as “successful” and/or wealthy” does not necessarily mean that you have “gained” anything meaningful. Sure the money, cars, and expensive clothes are nice while they last… but what are you really going to profit from them??


No matter how hard we have pushed in life and worked towards a profitable “happily ever after”, we all have… and probably will again, experience great loss. Whether it be the loss of a great job, a loved one, or even your home… we will at some point in this lifetime “Lose”. There is however an underlying solution to this misfortune which is unfortunately hard to conquer due to our human nature but its as simple as this: “Turn your loss into a profit, so that you…

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